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Number 1 Reason to hire Professionals for your Holiday Decor

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes holiday parties and the task of decorating a space with impactful designs. Our number one reason we suggest you hire a professional for your holiday decor is to take the stress to impress your guests off your shoulders. Leave the details to the specialist who is dedicated to making your event shine and instead focus on the people you invite.

Private Holiday party at family home

As an expert, Franzie's Flower Design has authoritative knowledge in design to bring the best elements that create the perfect atmosphere to your event. We work out the logistics for what options are perfect for each situation and then we execute the details with precision. Our expertise was showcased at this holiday event we helped bring to life for a long term client at their family home. With an oversized tent covering the backyard, we focused on bringing the inside space to life using monochromatic gold tones and pops of red and green. The design brief was clean, simple and chic with a touch of holiday cheer.

If you're planning a holiday party, a dinner, a cooperate event, any kind of gathering and/or installing Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands, save yourself the stress and call in the professionals.

Our team can offer not only amazing ideas to help impress your guests at your upcoming event but also balance all the coordination so you can actually be a guest at your own event as well. Take advantage of our August Holiday Promotion of 25% by clicking here and entering Promo Code: XMAS2019 which is valid until August 31st, 2019 11:59PM CST (*excludes Holiday Flower Bars).

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