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Give The Gift of Flowers

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Why is the gift of flowers seemingly strong-armed by holidays and traditional celebrations of love and life such as Valentines Day or wedding anniversaries?

Why do we limit ourselves in expressing our appreciation for our loved ones during the Christmas season with inanimate objects that break your wallet, are never used and eventually forgotten, or do not accurately express the love and warmth you intend to show?

I believe for most, the answer to both of these questions can be summed up with the combination of tradition and ease, but I would argue that nothing can show your love more than breaking from what is easy and traditionally expected.

First, let's take a moment to observe why we give flowers as a sign of our appreciation for those closest to us in the first place. For as long as love has existed the image of a red rose has been synonymous with the outward expression of intimacy.

Flowers, and their expressive capabilities, have found a way through pop culture and personal experience to become permanently ingrained in the psyche of most as representative of some emotion, time, or space uniquely special to one's heart.

Don't agree? That's OK, even science is on my side with this one. Dr. Haviland-Jones, a behavioral scientist from Rutgers University, conducted a study on the impact of gifting flowers to loved ones and concluded: “Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy. Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they also have strong positive effects on our emotional well being.” You can't argue with science, giving someone flowers is quite literally giving them a bit of lasting happiness.

Now that we can all agree/understand why flowers make amazing gifts from an emotionally expressive and abstract perspective, let's look at how you can give the gift of flowers this Holiday Season.

If you're looking to treat yourself or surprising someone you love with an endless supply of flowers, Franzie's has never made it more convenient or easy with our Premium Rose Subscription. Our monthly Premium Rose Subscription is on sale now at $90/month and starts with 3 months up to 12 months. Roses are hand selected by our team and delivered on the first Monday of every month.

The perfect gift that keeps on giving all year long!

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