Flower Bars are a Must this Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 21

The holidays are the perfect time to come together and celebrate what an incredible year it has been! With our corporate clients, this is the perfect time for you to reconnect to those who have really made another year possible. Every year we have repeat customers who come back, asking about our Flower Bars. Here are our top 3 reasons why Flower Bars are a must this holiday season.

#1 Holiday Flower Bars create a holiday atmosphere and activate what otherwise would be "just another holiday party".

It's around this time of year that we all get bombarded with holiday invites to social gatherings galore! So how do you make yours stand out? Give your guests something to do and that's where we come in. By having an interactive event, your guests will feel valued and excited to attend and even stick around longer!

#2 Holiday Flower Bars create memorable experiences as your guest walks away with a bouquet in hand.

Think of it has the gift that keeps on giving! Your client not only feels excited to experience something new but valued as they get to take something home. A floral arrangement for their home around the holidays brings everyone good cheer. This interactive event will not only leave a lasting impression but the fact they were able to design an arrangement with a florist, one on one and take it home, really is the mistletoe on top!

#3 Gives them something to talk about to their fellow colleagues and clients, meaning free advertising for you!

If we were all in the business of getting clients fast, we would have a very high burn rate and eventually run out of a client pool. However, we know your clients are with you for the long run and because of that you want to continuously nurture that relationship. Saving the best for last, we love the fact that holiday flower bars speak for themselves. Meaning, once your annual holiday party is over, your guest is still talking about it with all their friends, family, colleagues and dare we say, competition! By giving your client a unique hands on experience (one for the books in our opinion) not only do you have a happy client but you also get the bonus of the free advertising through the coveted "word of mouth"!

If you're ready to book your holiday flower bar, click here to submit your request. For the 2022 Holiday Season, there is a ten person minimum at $75 a person plus tax. Spots are limited and we need a minimum of 2 week lead time to source the best florals for your event.

Looking for more photos for what you can expect during your Flower Bar? Click here to see some of our favorites! We've also shared our behind the scenes on our YouTube Channel which you can check out here!

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