Discover Your Inner Floral Designer at Our Flower Bar

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Come one come all. No floral experience needed. All the feels of being a real florist! The Franzie's Flower Bar is a mix of learning and using your creativity to design your own bouquet!

Here is how our Flower Bar works: We provide all the flowers, which all compliment each other, and you do the picking and designing. Of course we always have team members there to help you if you get a little overwhelmed. If you have a certain theme or are celebrating a milestone just let us know and we can make your Flower Bar super special! To book your custom Flower Bar, just click here!

The flower bar is great for large gatherings as it serves as an interactive activity and favor for your guests. It allows everyone to be as creative as they want. There is a great feeling of creating your own piece of art with flowers and being able to take that art home with you. We have found that not only do the flowers transform a home they also allow everyone to feel like a florist for a day!

Touching and working with the flowers to make our own bouquet will make your next bouquet attempt a piece of cake!

As we enter into the Holiday spirit and the gift of giving, this interactive event is great for your guests at any holiday party. This holiday season, let them take home a memorable experience that they'll be talking about forever. It's as simple as one click here.

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