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Family, Friends, Food & Flowers - Our Favorite F Words

Family, Friends, Food & Flowers.

We have a few other "F" words we are fond of, but I think these four are our favorite. I mean where else can you find the Franzie's fam bam on a Wednesday during lunch? In the kitchen chowing down on tacos and getting ready to start designing our installs for Thursday! We take our food and flowers seriously.

One of our top priorities is to ensure all of our team members, clients and friendors/vendors feel as though they are part of the Franzie's fam bam. Everyone plays a huge role in our success and continued growth, just like a family should. We also drive each other a little crazy sometimes, just like a family does. Through the ups and downs we have all grown and learned and are thankful that we have all been able to work with each other.

Being a client and feeling part of our family comes with the assurance that we are dedicated to your event and you. We only take on a few events a year to ensure that we can dedicate the needed amount of creative energy to an event to ensure that we exceed the client's expectations. There is no detail that is overlooked nor any idea that is not taken into consideration. We also love when clients say "surprise me!" There is something about trusting our creative freedom that just makes us feel even more like family!

Faith/Trust is another F word we like! When a client trusts you and has enough faith in your brand and work to say "surprise me," it speaks volumes to who we are and the product we put out. We are so thankful for our clients that we always aim to give them more than they expect because we would never want to compromise their trust. Fun fact, our van is named Faith!

Fall install at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown

Last but certainly not the least, we are THANKFUL. We are thankful that we are able to continue to bring flower joy to our clients (and sometimes passing along through Franzie's Flower Friends). We are thankful that we can continue doing what we love everyday and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same. Not only are these F words our favorite, they are what we are most thankful for - Family, Friends, Food & Flowers.

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