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Back to School: Learn how to make a Realistic Wedding Floral Budget

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Alright ladies lets talk flowers and money! We all know there is a list in our heads of the most important parts of our wedding. Let me just chime into your list and insert at #3, FLOWERS.

Number one should of course be THE DRESS, second Photography and third flowers. Let me break it down for you:


#1 - THE DRESS. This is the dress you have been dreaming of since the first day you met the fiancé! This dress should give you all the feels and be everything YOU want!

#2 - PHOTOGRAPHY. This is not your basic insta post you can take over and over until you get that perfect angle. This is that money shot that can't be recreated. Spend the extra cash and trust the experienced photographers because at the end of the day these photos are the memories that will last.

#3 - FLOWERS. All of your photos will include two things: You & Hubby and flowers! Your bouquet will be with you in almost over ceremony photo and your table arrangements will be in almost every reception photo. Flowers also bring your entire feel of the wedding together. Cohesive and complimentary arrangements at both the ceremony and reception can make the night feel like it is one endless garden.


Now lets talk cost. Greenery is the new little black dress, everyone wants it! Don't let it fool you, it isn't always the most cost efficient route. Greenery after all is still a live plant! Most greenery come in bunches or bushes when ordered. If budget is something you stick to, not a number to start with, then make sure to use your greenery in an efficient way. This can be done by using it lightly or in conjunction with candle clusters to give it a romantic touch. Be prepared to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500 for greenery for a wedding with about 10 tables, including the decor as well.

Are you more of a single flower type bride? AWESOME! It always helps us florists if we can buy flowers in mass. Sticking to one flower, like a peony in June gets you more flowers for your budget! Now if you go to a florist in September and say you want an all peony wedding be prepared to pay premium prices as they are not in season. Be aware of what flowers are in season around your wedding date to be even more cost efficient. We are huge fans of designing in mass so if you are dreaming of a clean look using only a few types of flowers, submit your inquiry here!

Do you dream of that whimsical feel with 20 different types of flowers all within the same color palette? Wonderful! Step one, increase that budget! You can't do anything extra if you don't have the extra budget! When a florist buys for a wedding, they typically buy in bunches and boxes but pay by the stem. There is no way to "just buy enough" for your one arrangement because you never know when a stem may break or come in not as full as another. You know mother nature groves to her own tune! Here at Franzie's we always over order a bit to ensure we have backup for the big day and everything is as lush as your budget allows. Good news, we always take those extra flowers with us and use onsite for your big day! Fill this gap here or throw together a quick boutonnière that may have been forgotten about during the order process.

Looking at the way wedding budgets are divided out today, most brides spend an average of 20% - 25% of the total wedding budget on flowers. With this being the second most photographed item at your wedding and the over all tone setter, it is all worth the investment. To be honest all florists can fit into any budget you may have. The key sometimes is more so working with one who has the style you want. Remember you are not only paying for flowers, you are paying for style, experience and over all quality. We here at Franzie's hold ourselves to the highest standards for our clients. We treat all of our brides just as well as we do Tiffany & Co. or Dolce & Gabbana. When you book Franzie's as your florist you are paying for international floral experience, artistry and the highest quality blooms from around the world.

Photography by Joshua Veldstra Photography, 905 East and Lizelle Goussard.

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