Taking The Scary Out Of Sticker Shock When It Comes to Wedding Flowers

Today we will be taking the scary out of flower shopping for your wedding! When designing a budget for flowers, our advice would be to first think of the areas you want to transform and impact your guests the most. Also take your venue into consideration. If your venue is a blank space, you can use your flowers to make your wedding uniquely yours! When our featured couple came to us last year and said they wanted a chic, clean, modern look we knew exactly what to do!

We decided on a white color palette to insure that the flowers enhanced the space without being too dominant. With the Houston skyline as the backdrop for the night there was no need to over power the space. We used a mix of hydrangea, tulips, roses and stock all in white and mass amounts to keep the look clean and sleek. The white candles added a romantic touch.

Since there was no "altar" space we created our own. To do this we had to use almost all of the budget. No worries though, because we had a plan! For the reception we decided to break apart the altar and use the different flower masses on the guest tables. Using the clear vases allowed us to create a floating effect which played perfectly since we were on the 49th floor!

Moving your flowers from one space to another not only keeps the feel and look of your wedding cohesive but also allows you to use your budget in a more effective way. Don't look at flowers as a may have but as a must have, no matter the size or amount.

There have been so many brides that come to us and say they honestly don't know what flowers should cost. We decided that transparency is key! This is where our Wedding Flower Calculator has come into play. During the process of booking us for your wedding we will send you this handy calculator so that you can see what prices are for different styles of flowers. This will help you decide what is more important to you and where you want to direct your hard earned money. If you are still looking for your wedding florist be sure and visit our website at www.franzies.com! Happy Planning!

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