F-R-I-E-N-D-S: Announcing Franzie's Flower Friends

After years of ideas and few months of paperwork we are thrilled to announce Franzie’s Flower Friends! What once was a dream of bringing flower joy to those who may not always be in the best times of life has now become a reality.

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Franzie’s Flower Friends exists to deliver repurposed flowers to non-profits, healthcare centers and women’s shelters to boost moral, encourage and motivate. When President & CEO Franceska McCaughan saw how much “waste” was generated from the floristry industry, she vowed that when she was in a position to do so, she would create a non-profit arm of her business, Franzie’s Flower Design, to give back to her community. Then came along Franzie’s Flower Friends!

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At FFF our goal is to make sure that all supplies and unusable flowers are recycled and or composted. No part of the process from receiving donations to sending them out, do we not have mother earth in mind. From recycling vases to repurposing flowers we have reused almost every item possible. Our organization is dedicated to keeping as many floral materials out of the landfills as possible and ensuring that our lasting impression on this industry will be one that helps decrease our carbon footprint.

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While our main mission is to repurpose and give back we also want to engage our community. Corporate partners are invited to come out to our studio and bring employees to our “How to” classes to not only learn but to also assist us in creating new arrangements to be donated. We also invite the community to come out and volunteer for our vase drives. We always need a helping hand to wash vases, create new bouquets, deliver bouquets and help with administrative work. If you feel as passionate about flowers and the earth as we do go to www.franziesflowerfriends.com/volunteer to sign up!

If you would like to donate your event florals, vases or host a vase drive on our behalf please visit our website at www.franziesflowerfriends.com. We invite you to do good, give back and become an advocate for the earth!

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