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Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Hi all,

Flowers in London appeared fresher, more vibrant and almost- dare I say- immaculate! It was so refreshing soaking in new styles and methods when it comes to flower design. The British certainly know what they are doing. I think we can all take a page out of their book when it comes to designing. They even have a brand new flower market to explore here in London, which is any florist’s dream!

I’ve been to London several times before; so from a luxury hotel background, I am very familiar with the different five star properties and their brand standards. However, this was my first time to stay in such a luxurious property as the Corinthia London where they have their own in-house Florist, run by the legendary By Appointment Only Design. I had a chance to meet with the founder himself, Javier, after receiving a beautiful bouquet and card from him personally. That was a “full circle moment.” I must say as I have the utmost respect for this incredible brand and the elite clients they represent.

Every morning my ritual was to work from the main lobby, underneath the incredible chandelier. This is a true hotel lobby, creating an incredible arrival experience. The florals underneath transform the space even further and create a memorable experience for those who pass by or call the Corinthia London home. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor, really, to sit within this environment and soak up every bit of inspiration that I can. Travel is in my blood. I’ve been an expat for years, living on different continents and being able to bring my travels into my work, well it’s one of my favorite aspects of the “job.”

As I watched bouquet, after floral box, after trays of roses being walked out of the in-house florist, it was if I was experiencing déjà vu as I planned our opening in the Fairmont Dallas on August 1st, 2017. Already my list of ideas is flowing with inspiration and I can’t wait to bring a bit of British luxury to our designs very soon.


Franzie x

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