Flower Bar debuts in Houston

What is the Flower Bar? That is a question we get a lot, which we love because it gives us the opportunity to I N S P I R E! We've put together a little video which we hope captures our love for the Flower Bar and why it should be on your weekend "to do" list here in Houston. Also, I want to give a massive shout out to Heikki with Image_333 for always capturing us at our best!

This Flower Bar was a labour of love I tell you! We basically "saved" an old closet and with a little bit of paint and light, we had our structure for the Flower Bar. Next was to figure out where to buy our hanging hardware. The key for the Flower Bar was that all the buckets seemed as if they were floating! So a few weeks later, our beautiful hardware arrived and was hung. Man, I've never been so happy to see steal in my life. Finally we had the difficult decision of where to place all the buckets. With all the cooks in the kitchen and all of us being very detail oriented, this took many discussions, lots of floor plans and finally we decided on a style. With a little bit of chalkboard paint, we were in business! Below are a few behind the scenes. It felt like the project that never ended but now looking back, it was super fun to create from scratch.

Our first Flower Bar was October 15th and it was very exciting because it was the first day we "officially" opened our doors to the fine people of Houston, TX. Our last Flower Bar was December 17th and we SOLD OUT of every single stem which was super exciting! We've met so many amazing people who have come through our doors and can't wait to see YOU in 2017 as we continue again on January 21, 2017.

Our Flower Bars are weekly and are held on Saturdays in our River Oaks studio from 10am-5pm.

Occasionally we have a cheeky "pop-up" Happy Hour at the Flower Bar on Tuesdays when we've got loads of fresh flowers at crazy prices. Below are a few of our Flower Bars which showcase different flowers, monochromatic colors and textures every week!

Come and join us in our floral fun, designing and teaching one stem at a time!

Until next time flower lovers,

Franceska x

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