Franzie + Houston = Flower Power

We did it! Back in August, we literally had 48 hours to turn around our little flower studio in Houston, TX before jetting back to Dubai. Thankfully we had a wonderful Studio Manager who held down the fort and we are now ready for our first Flower Bar. Our first "debut" so to speak to our beloved Texan city. When Franzie's started in Dubai, we knew it wouldn't be long till we set up shop (no pun intended) in the US. Finding the perfect location was key for this little engine that could. So when we had the opportunity to jump on a space in the River Oaks Shopping Center (📷:@riveroaksshoppingcenter), well it was a no brainer. Franzie's Flower Design is not only an official Texas based but also now, local company, still serving it's Dubai clients and now Houston clients. YIPEE (or should I say YEEHAW)!

Our Houston flower studio is located in the prestigious River Oaks Shopping Center and is open on Tuesdays and by appointment for our clients. Appointment you may think?! At Franzie's our clients are our queens (or kings) and it's important for us to work around their schedule, hence the appointment option. Regardless, someone is always at the studio as it is our production space first and foremost, so please stop in for a coffee and say hi! Here are just a few sneak peaks of our little flower design studio as it slowly came together. Come and see the final product for yourself!

Until next time flower lovers,

Franceska x

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