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Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Oh hey Japan.....wait, what?! YES. I FINALLY scratched a big one off my bucket list. CHERRY BLOSSOMS in Japan. If it is on your radar, good. If it's not, reevaluate, as it is an incredible place to experience.

I am chatting all about it in my recent feature in Lace in the Desert. Check it out and show me some love.

I know I've just mentioned the feature on my recent trip to Japan is now live on Lace in the Desert which you can read here, however I have MORE flowers to share! SURPRISE! In this blog post, I'll be focusing more of the floral side of Japan and how their florists and flowers were such an inspiration to me. On that note, inspiration is HUGE. I mean without it, you can't keep growing, especially for us creatives. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to travel around the globe and constantly be exposed to how different cultures affect the world of floral design.

As some of you may or may not know, my passion is hotel lobby flowers. So of course I had to stop by the iconic The Peninsula Tokyo during my time in the capital city. In this iconic hotel there is the most beautiful flower shop perfectly named, The Peninsula Flowers by You-Ka-En. Honestly a dream of mine!

Next stop was the famous floral boutique of Nicolai Bergmann. This beautiful space was such a breath of fresh air. The designs were contemporary and non-stuffy but done with incredible detail and love. It was such a luxurious experience for their customers and I've taken note for our Houston and Dubai locations, coming soon.

After spending a few days in Tokyo it was off to Osaka, which is about three hours away using the bullet train. It was such a nice experience to see fresh flowers in almost every hotel whilst in Japan. Again, a weakness of mine is hotel lobby flowers so I was totally in my element! This one particular design was very special as it was a large bird's nest, which signified the Sakura Season, also known as the season of the cherry blossoms. The very talented Japanese floral designer Aritaka Nakamura designed it. As you can see, the cherry blossoms, which are literally exploding out of the bird's nest, is a true living and breathing arrangement. The first photo is taken on my arrival and the second photo is taken just 24 hours later. Can you see how this incredible design is still blooming, literally in front of you?! His design approach focuses on optimizing the individuality and uniqueness of each flower…I couldn't be more of a fan! He has such a beautiful message through this arrangement which you can read more on below explaining what each flower represents in this particular arrangement.

Along with this stunning flower arrangement, the hotel (of course) had an in house flower shop which showcased the most stunning flowers. Take a look for yourself. Have you ever seen such unique roses before?

As I found myself discovering the streets of Osaka, I came across the cutest little flower shops on every street corner. Just how sweet are these little arrangements?

Not only were the street corners in Osaka filled with these sweet little arrangements for bud vases and your dining table (*long sigh*) but even the flowers by the stem were just breathtaking. Here are a few shots that we can all "oohhh and ahhhh" over!

You know, when I started this post, I was going to write about my Japan trip last month in a "nutshell"...yeah that didn't happen! Scary thing is I just realized all I did was talk about flowers in this blog post and nothing else and still have so much to say! However, I will leave it at this for now. I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, lined with cherry blossoms. I'm already trying to plan when to go back! I mean how can you not love this view?!

I tried to capture all this through Snapchat so if you follow me, I'm sure you saw all these gorgeous flowers. If you aren't following me, my username is FRANZIESFLOWER and I promise to keep my story full of flowers, travel and interesting facts (I hope)!

Until next time flower lovers...xx

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