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What do Flowers, Horses, Dubai & US$30m have in common?!

The biggest social occasion (okay fine and sporting) on the Dubai calendar is the US$30m Dubai World Cup day. It is held at the Meydan Racecourse on the last Saturday in March every year. It's also one of the most important days of the year here in Dubai to worry about what hat you are going to wear. I mean when else do you have this problem?!

So even though the famous Dubai World Cup is worth writing about on it's own, I will be focusing on the hat issue as this had great importance to me! Not any hat would, had to be a flower hat of some kind, something very unusual yet practical to wear all day and night during the festivities. Let me tell you, it was indeed unusual but practical...not in any way. Pain is beauty right?! Thankfully Advil was created and with my entourage cheering me on, I was able to balance and maintain what felt like a pile of bricks on my head.

I designed a few trial runs before hand which I debuted on Snapchat for your feedback. I finally settled with this beauty and must say I was pretty pleased with it. Taking bookings for next year ladies!

Until next time flower lovers...xx

PS. If your on Snapchat, follow me under franziesflower. If you aren't on Snapchat, well that's a whole other discussion....

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